March 12th, 2012


Good-bye Berry and Bad-Baby goat

On Saturday, the folks from last week's interview came up to pick up Berry and BadBaby I've already spoken with one of them, and gotten e-mail as well. Berry has been playing follow the leader all over the yard, and BadBaby is inseparable from the eight-year-old girl who adopted her. All is well in that corner of the world.

And in other news, the woman who was so eager to buy either Krys or Owen (my two hornless guys this year) just got her spring fence repair estimate in... and has decided that she doesn't have the budget for it now. Oh, well.

March of Dimes, week 2

This is my belated Week 2 report... We had our un-official kick-off here at work. It was a low-key event, given that the guest of honor cries in gratitude every time we get together and talk about it. The company started doing the March of Dimes March for Babies after one of the headquarters employees gave birth to a daughter who then died only a few hours after she was born. There's nothing more personal than coming face to face with someone who needed - and received - support from March of Dimes during her birth process.

So here I am, pounding the virtual pavement in support of healthy mothers and babies, and the entire family and support-system that gets them there. Thanks to tamarinne and elyth35 and melaniesuzanne (just today!) for their contributions! My pledge bar is moving!

... And I changed the photo to show GoatMuse actually looking at the world. See? He's a real human and sees you back!