June 6th, 2012

Read Irresponsibly

The Hugo packet holds the siren song of the e-reader

As a supporting member of this year's Worldcon (Chicon), I get access to the Hugo Voter's Packet. As you can see, this Big Bundle O' Stuff is well worth the $50 I spent on the membership... if you don't mind reading books electronically.

I will be on an airplane this afternoon, and so will require something to read. Also, I want to knit. I want to be an educated Hugo voter, and I want to make progress on handicrafts.

The Hugo Voter's Packet, combined with my work-issued iPad, can satisfy these wants while leaving my hands free to knit. I expect to enjoy the books somewhat less than I would in dead tree format, but I will enjoy them to some degree anyway. And if I can't stand it any more, or my iPad runs out of charge, I have my newly-dropped hardback of Home from the Sea.
Read Irresponsibly

Books: Home from the Sea

Home from the Sea, by Mercedes Lackey. Fantasy. Hardback, 311 pages. Book 7 (really, 8) in the Elemental Masters series. (Since Fire Rose wasn't a Daw book, it seems to have been disowned from the series.)

This book was fun, predictable, and short. Sarah and Nan came back from Africa and found out that they were now misfits in London. Meanwhile, out on the Welsh coast, a girl named Mari discovered that she was half-Selkie ("selch") and a water elementalist. Added in were one of the chiefs of the sea, a supporting role by Puck, and both of the girls' birds. For additional amusement, there was a villain who actually didn't do anything all that useful for or against the plot besides pad the meager pages.

I picked up the book because some of the Elemental Masters books have been really good. This was just ok, but not nearly as dumb as some.

I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the Sarah-Nan team, but would assuredly not recommend it as an introduction to this series. If you are just starting out, go read Fire Rose or Serpent's Shadow.

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