July 25th, 2012



I picked up my trailer cap birthday present from the UPS freight depot yesterday evening. It came nicely wrapped on a pallet, though oddly, the electrical cord was left sticking out (and got damaged). The UPS guys put the pallet directly onto my recently-vacated-by-the-goat-box trailer bed, and I trundled it home. Once Achaosofkittens came home, we unwrapped and examined it. We still need to mount it to the trailer bed and put its hay rack hat on, but ... A trailer! And it's blue! Yay!

This trailer has a lot of advantages over the old goat box. It's metal, so should be beefier in a wreck. The interior dividing gate splits the trailer front/back rather than side/side so I can load the big boys without worry for them catching their horns as they try to walk into the trailer. The gate itself has smaller spacing between the rails, so I shouldn't have baby goats going on interior walkabout between the two divisions. It's also a foot taller than the old trailer, so chances of smacking my head on the inside are far less... Collapse )

We've already noticed that there are some odd things about how it was constructed and shipped, but I have a very handy Achaosofkittens who can fix and change some of it. Collapse )