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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Goat campers are home 
3rd-Oct-2016 08:31 am
The Wombat was entirely correct in his supposition that the camper goats were ready to come home. Catching/haltering/loading the goats from camp into the trailer went smoothly and easily. We started with Anna and Lerris, then Ginger and Taffy, closed the middle trailer divider, then loaded Pan and Lily, then Dahlia and Fiona. The one water bucket that was mine was dumped out and filled with food bowls. I also took home the first aid kit, leftover grain, and leftover mineral mix.

Unloading the campers was a dream of simplicity. I let myself into the trailer to de-louse everyone, then just opened the doors and let the eight goats unload themselves. With only a short pause for consideration regarding location, Dahlia led the parade to the back gate to be let into the pasture. No halters, no questions. And that was that. Sooooo easy!

Because the goats were soaking wet (by choice! they had plenty of shelter!), it was easy to check body condition and assess weight/fitness. While yes, Ginger is hefty, she's not nearly so amazingly fat as we thought. She's honestly just fluffy. Everyone was looking really good, particularly Pan.

Even though I didn't sell any goats at SVFF, I threw Dahlia and Ari together on Sunday. Diego and Clancy are amazing goats, and I want to see if the parents can do it again. If I sell any goats (not trade, sell) at NY, then I might put Ginger in as well and try for another Simon or Taffy.
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