January 7th, 2014

No world domination

It's 3 degrees outside.

This part of the world is not supposed to get this cold. A "cold snap" around here is 20 degrees F. With the notable exception of people who transplant from Vermont and Minnesota, society around here is, on average, poorly prepared to face this kind of cold. North Dakota is surely laughing at us for canceling schools while the temp is above zero.

If it weren't for my barnyard animals, I would just see the temperature as a challenge: Today's fashion advice comes from Nanook of the North. But with the animals, and the temperature, I'm hit with the dilemma of stirring them out of their cozy hay nests if I show up at all (bringing breakfast or not) vs. just leaving them undisturbed. The decision is made, unfortunately, by the fact that I have to check on their water.

With schools canceled, traffic will be light enough that I could take the truck to work. The truck has HEAT like the cars do not. For the sake of gas mileage, I won't, but it's a tempting thought.

Edited to add: The animals were all fine this morning. Apparently the eight adult goats declared a cold-truce and all piled into the kidding pen together. The llama was frisky. The chickens were ready to be Let! Out!. All three raced out of the coop, ate-ate-ate-ate-ate, drank-drank-drank, and raced back into the coop. An egg that was likely laid yesterday was split down the side from freezing and bursting, but the other two eggs were ok.