January 12th, 2014


Flashdance, the musical

Kaelikat and I went to the Kennedy Center for Flashdance, the musical. It was in the smaller Eisenhower theater, which was the right choice for the size of the production. Despite the constantly moving set and flashy lights, there just wasn't enough going on to justify the Opera House sized stage. This was a small story about small lives with big dreams. Collapse )
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Booksgiving rides again!

Hey Ho, they must go! I have a box of VERY random stuff that has come into our lives, and needs to go back out. As the newly-arrived books get shelved, other stuff gets bumped. Would you like to adopt a book or two? Or at least, provide the next stopping point on a book's journey through the world? If so, please comment here before next weekend.

Please don't judge me too hard by this list. Remember: this is the list of what is leaving, not what we are keeping.

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