June 24th, 2014


Yarn order submitted (finally)

In the beginning of May, I took the best of three seasons of fleeces to Maryland Sheep and Wool for dropoff with Still River Mill. SRMill called me a week ago to say that it was already my turn, and that they still needed my final order request. I got the inventory list and what I'd like made from it out to them, and now I'm in that Christmas-is-coming anticipation phase.

I've asked for a bunch of special blends this time. I know that SRMill can do fantastic work with odd fibers. So this time around, along with the mohair and the llama, I sent them yak, silk noil in various colors, alpaca, and cashmere. I asked SRMill to blend the llama with black silk, though now I'm second-guessing myself because the alpaca/bamboo yarn was luscious.

Double-yolk chicken eggs (four so far)

I gathered up my 4th double-yolk chicken egg this morning. (6/3, 6/6, 6/21, 6/24) Apparently, a chicken who lays double-yolks is usually genetically gifted for ovulating too rapidly (sending a new yolk into the oviduct to soon after the previous), on the large side for the breed, and very well fed. Collapse )