February 20th, 2015

Goldie pbhttt

Farming in the cold

It's been a week of record cold here at the farm. No shit, it was 4 degrees when I got up this morning. Combine that cold with the usual Presidents Day Week snow, record wind chills, and my chest cold, and it's been miserable to go outside. The boy's water spigot has frozen off and on this week, so I'm back to hauling water from the kitchen. Thankfully, the girl's spigot refuses to completely freeze.

I'm rocking the Blacksburg Blimp fashion statement these days. I can put my jeans on *over* my sweatpants, so I do. I have my big blue parka of doom and my awesome gloves, and of course I have my sprinkle hat of +3 forcible cheer. The hiking socks in my muck boots aren't the greatest, but so long as my feet stay *dry* I'm ok with them being slightly cold. I admit that I need to wash some of my gear. At this point I have a faint but obvious perfume of hay, goat, llama, human sweat, and dog wafting about me when I come in from chores. The dog, of course, thinks nothing of it. And speaking of dog. Wow. On a cold clear day, I can smell freshly laid dog shit all the way across the yard. That stuff is *powerful*.

The goats haven't suffered too terribly for the cold this time. They have their barns, their hay, their heated water buckets, and a good covering of fleece Collapse ) The little and fragile girls also have the heat lamp on all the time, which doesn't do a lot. But combine the heat lamp with the llama, and they have a lot more ambient warmth available than anyone else in the herd.

Collapse )

And while I'm sorry they are dead, I'm not sorry the chickens are gone. Not having to deal with chickens in snow or in record cold is quite nice.

Guest-goat had a baby. (Congratulations, Richie!)

The guest Nigora goat named Della that I boarded here last fall with Richie has had her kid. She kidded a little brown patterned doe girl - unnamed as of yet. The photo is a low-res off of the owner's phone, which is why the baby looks grey. Also, Viola says hi.

Bella first kid doe

The initial report of a stillborn twin was incorrect. (The owner called me back to give me an update. Baby girl is a single, has nursed and peed, and is now curled up in the sunshine with another kid that was born two days ago.)