March 14th, 2015


Cute-splosion of baby goats (but they aren't mine)

I went over to Wind and Wheel farm this afternoon to visit a thundering herd of baby Nigerian goats. I also got to see Viola, and I saw Richie's baby from Della, who they have named Toffee.

I taught one of the little Nigerians how to feed from a bottle, so hopefully with the extra nutrition, she will start catching up to the rest of the team in size.

The babies were tiny, and the cuteness was vast.

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Snooch Smiley

Shan-cat makes the best pillow, so says Russell-cat

I've been sitting in the dining room, reading with my iPad close to hand. I've watched as Russell has oozed his way over the can't-you-see-I'm-sleeping-here?!? Shan, all with the intent of using Shan as a warm, furry pillow. Shan has steadfastly refused to move as Russell has made himself completely comfortable. The photos are spread across 10 minutes.

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