November 15th, 2015

Today to Read

Books: Jeweled Fire, by Sharon Shinn

Jeweled Fire, by Sharon Shinn. Fantasy. Hardback, 403 pages. Book three in the Elemental Blessings series. Keeping it.

This book follows Corene and her bodyguard Foley across the sea to the country of Malinqua and the home of Emperess Filomara. The Emperess has three nephews and a newly-discovered grandson from whom to choose an heir, and she has collected neighboring princesses as possible wives for them, as well. But the court intrigue is strong both regarding the throne and regarding the country. Poison, food-poisoning, and strangulation are the weapons in the game.

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I picked it up because I love Troubled Waters more and more as time goes on. I recommend it to people who understand the word games that women play are not always against each other.