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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Rainy fall day and Sancho worries 
8th-Oct-2016 02:28 pm
Sancho-goat is old. This is indisputable. He is skinny. He is slowing down noticeably.

Late this week, he also started scouring. I hit him this morning with Vitamin B12 and iron shots, dewormer, and pepto. He almost didn't fight me about it. When I went out an hour later with some alfalfa pellets for him, he was sulking in the corner of the boy's barn, cushed down with his head pointed into the corner. He got up and ate, which are good things. He is also dry, which is important. It's in the 60s outside, which should be warm enough if he is eating and ruminating still.

I lost Jared just after Rhinebeck a few years ago. I really need to be ready to lose Sancho. I hope I am. I mean, I think I am. Sancho is well past his fifteenth birthday. He is well past his expiration date. He's been a good goat, if more than a bit insane. I need to be able to let him go.
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