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Looking forward to Rhinebeck

It's three days until we load up and head for New York Sheep & Wool. I'm pretty excited in a much lower-key way than usual. I think the calm is because the truck has just had some major servicing - including a new transmission - and is behaving so much better that it is giving me more chill to my movements.

The weather is supposed to be perfect - as usual - for the trip to New York. Last year we had that little spurt of snow on Sunday morning, but it didn't stick and all was well on the drive home. This time, Sunday is looking to have a high of 70 degrees! Wowza. I need to remember my sunscreen.

I am looking forward to the two-for-two kid swap. I really hope that Padric and Clancy are liked and that I like the two new goats, and that the swap is a positive experience for all of us. I'm also looking forward to probably selling one of the yearlings - either Simon or Ivan - to a lady who was considering purchasing one of them last year. She contacted me this past weekend, and all indications are promising. Yay for possible sales. Of course, to be a good seller, I need to be sure that I have everyone's registration and health papers for handover to the new owners. check.

I'm on the fence about competing Reese in the in-and-out class. In that competition, the goats are judged as-is, then they are shorn and the fleece and goat are judged separately. This is a really neat concept, but this is also the first year that I plan to go to SAFF right after NYS&W. If I get Reese sheared at Rhinebeck, then he won't be eligible to compete at SAFF, and will also likely not sell even if I did take him to Ashville nekked.

Right now, the lineup for the trip north is: Diego, Simon, Ivan, Reese, Padric, Clancy, Hope, Corene, Misty. Everyone is looking good and healthy. The boys are going to be a little cramped in their half of the trailer, but with (possibly) three of them only making the trip one-way, I'm not so concerned about it. Coming back could be only three boys (Diego, one redhead, Reese) and five little-ish girls. Numbers!

I still need to pack, of course, confirm the contents of the goat bin (paperwork and treats) and load the truck. Both the leftovers from summer camp and a lot of the SVFF stuff just got parked in the hay barn for easy turnaround and reloading this week. I'm planning to bring my own hay and straw this year, which will save money and time when we unload. Hopefully all of the food and roughage will fit in the back of the pickup and I won't need to use the trailer hayrick. I like the option, but I don't like the idea moving the trailer's center of mass that high for an eight-hour highway trip. We shall see.

Yay Rhinebeck!
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