January 24th, 2016


Books: Cast in Honor, by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Honor, by Michelle Sagara. Fantasy. Paperback, 511 pages. Book 11* in the Chronicles of Elantra. Probably keeping it.

Kaylin has a new home. She has her dragon roommate, her roommate's right-hand guy, two young men she picked up in the West March (one of which caused the last book), Kaylin's familiar, and quite possibly a wounded compatriot from the Hawks all living with her. That is most of the social tangle. Then there is the plot tangle, where a portion of the middle of the city has basically drifted off of its time/space anchor in Kaylin's reality. There is, in human words, a tear in the reality plane on which Kaylin and most of her compatriots live.

Let's do the time plot again! Collapse )