March 17th, 2016


Dahlia had twins!

Achaosofkittens just called - Dahlia had twins! I'm going to have a hard time concentrating in class tonight. More news as I have it...

10pm update: They are both boys and they are both already nursing just fine. There is a big solid black and a smaller reverse badger with a partial belt. By "reverse badger," I mean a goat that is black on top, white on the bottom, and has white racing stripes down his face. The white on his tummy spreads upward on his right side in a band, which is the "partial belt."

And of course, with a big black kid and a little striped one, my first thought for names is Timon and Pumba

Next day update: Since they were born on St. Patrick's Day, I'm considering a pair of heritage names. Patrick (or Padric) and Clancy. Or Makem and Clancy. This would celebrate the Clancy brothers, specifically.