September 21st, 2016


Boy goats and general sales angst

Between bucks and wethers, I currently own twelve boy goats. Of those twelve, five are ready and willing to breed - i.e. intact and older than 8 months. Of those five, four are related - Ari and his three sons Diego, Ivan, and Simon. And of those four, only one stood stud last year (Ari), and only one is on tap to stand stud this year (Ari) if I manage to sell enough of my current goats to want to make more.

Simon and Ivan are definitely for sale. Collapse )

The reasons for selling Richie are less overwhelming, but just as simple. In short, he has nothing I need. Collapse )

Diego is a looker. He's lovely. He's striking. He is a winner. (He's also a hormonal moron, but that's normal for a two-year-old boy goat.) Both he and his dad Ari have taken honors at the shows*. I want to keep him because he's pretty nifty to look at. But I keep coming back to the fact that I don't need Diego as a stud on my farm. Collapse )

Of note, even if I sell no-one, I'll at least be down by two boys at the end of October. Padric and Clancy are a pre-arranged swap for two girls. That won't help my frat house problem this year, but will definitely help with next year.