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Good-bye Ivan, Clancy, and Reese. Welcome Fatuma and Fladermaus

This weekend, at New York Sheep and Wool Festival, I sold one of the yearling bucks and swapped two kid bucks for two kid does.

On Sunday afternoon, Ivan the Sweet went off to stand stud at a farm in CT. His new owner picked him over his half-brother Simon for his darker color and the fact that he looks a lot like his intended doe herd. I hope he does well for the new farm and keeps his happy attitude.

Originally, I was supposed to trade Clancy (a reverse badger) and Padric for the F&F twin girls, who are both reverse badgers. However, over the weekend the woman from Maine with whom I was trading got to know Reese as the Mr. Personality of this year's kid class. She asked if I minded switching Reese for Padric. Of course I didn't mind. I was honestly concerned that Reese's awkward horns would make it hard to sell him, and I was pleased that he was going to a home that wanted him for that gorgeous mohair tail and his friendly nature.

The new F&F twins are understandably skittish in a new place where everyone - including Tia - is bigger than them. The new girls are in the pasture with the younger and scratch-n-dent does. They did get breakfast this morning, and even shared a food dish with Hope for a little while. They are still unhappy, but will settle down to the routine soon.
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