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Happy new barn!

We took a gravel delivery yesterday, spread it for a pad this morning, and then took a barn delivery this morning. The barn is 8x12 feet, but is almost 8 feet tall at the apex, so it is a little visually off, being almost as tall as it is wide. I got four bales of compressed pine shavings at the Co-op to fill the two stalls. ...So now it looks like we have a bus shelter for capabaras (big guinea pigs) in the front field.

What we have is a nice clean new space for the goat mommies and their goat babies when they arrive. Oh, happy day! The new barn is set up to face the house, a little more than halfway back in the front field. The eventual plan is to repair the removed fence areas so that one stall opens to the right side and one stall opens to the left side of the field. Then we can have boys & sheep on one side and girls and babies on the other.

... doin' the happy dance!

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