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Boys and their noise

I learned back in 2008 or 2009 that buck goats really like to make noise. The boys like to bang their horns on anything that resonates or thumps. They like to bang against metal, in particular, but the barn wall will do in a pinch. (We finally replaced the 12-foot gate that Loki and Jared had smashed flat between them. I like to remind my listening audience that the gate was open when the boys got on either side of it to "fight.")

Ari is currently in the shag shack. There are no intact bucks within fence distance of him on any side, so there is no particular draw to beat on a section of fence. Also, having learned my lesson last year, the new-last-year electric-right-of-way gate at the bottom of the hill is blocked off by the gate Ari broke and a piece of fence. The fence is bent away from the gate so even if Ari hits that piece of fence, the fence won't hit the old gate easily or with enough force to hit the new gate. And that bent fence will only kind of go whub-twangthunk. It's not a very loud noise, and not a very satisfying impact, either.

With the big gate out of reach, the next target of Ari's desire for noise is the person-sized gate facing the house. That gate has a metal chain on it that rattles. The gate itself is the regular hollow-pipe. So Ari spends hours upon hours of the day rubbing his head against the chain against the gate. It's almost some weird musical instrument. And yes, to his satisfaction, it is LOUD.
Tags: angoras, goats

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