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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Richie took over the shag shack for a few weeks 
6th-Nov-2016 01:54 pm
That whole Madeline business earlier in the week was because I planned to swap Ari and Richie out in the shag shack this weekend to have Richie cover Madeline and Anna. But I was only going to have Richie stand through shearing, which is in two weeks. Angora heat cycles are three weeks, so Madeline would miss the window.

Anyway, the boys were swapped on Saturday morning. Madeline and Anna were sent in with Richie. The guest goats are still in the shag shack too. I checked with their owner, and she didn't care about which sire was standing nearly as much as guaranteeing kids. So I'll give her two stud forms and make sure the girls were covered for two heat cycles.

Ari is, therefore, back up in the frat house with his bucky 2-year old son and his frisky 1-year old son. When I checked on everyone on Saturday afternoon, Ari was bleeding across his horns and down one ear, Diego was limping, and Simon was red-spotted. All of them were running around in a big swirl, and Ari was having a fabulous time, too.

Today, the frat boys are rather hungover. Everyone walked to breakfast like their legs were sore except Loki and Scout. I imagine the bucks (and Sancho) got quite a bit of exercise yesterday.
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