a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Naked goat time again

We sheared in the beautiful 60-degree weather on Saturday morning. We had no fence or gate issues. Everyone stayed on halter and in the correct locations. Everyone was reasonably well-behaved for me, though the big boys were not cooperative with the shearer.

The shearer brought help to trim toenails and do general wrangling with me, so things went really quickly. We did 22 goats in a little over three hours. Because I'd gotten half of the up-front boys shorn at SAFF, we decided it was faster to just walk the boys down to the girl pasture for shearing than to pick up and migrate the entire festivities. I walked over the six goats in the shag shack as well.

Things were so smooth that shearing was done, fleeces were put away, everyone was fed and watered, and I was sitting down to lunch by 12pm on the nose. Bam!

I decided I was more hungry than gross, so took my shower after eating. Then I ran errands. I LOVE MY ALLERGY SHOTS. Every time that I get a case of don'wannas about my allergy shots, I really need to remember this.


Yes, it's 29 degrees this morning. Yes, I'm nervous about pneumonia in the barns. However, everyone has fresh food and water and a place out of the worst of the wind. The goats in the shag shack actually have the best shelter right now; the old dog house is pretty wind-tight. And thankfully, the rain blew in and out and didn't really get anyone wet.
Tags: angoras, goats, sick

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