a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Epic smack down for 2016, and kidding due dates

Breeding is over for this year. I broke up the shag shack and put Richie back in with the boys up front. After some preliminary male stupidity over whether Loki was available for Richie's amorous attention, Ari and Richie got down to business. I expect this would have taken longer but Richie took a heavy crack to the neck and gave up in pain. No one was seriously hurt, though.

Dahlia went in with Ari on 10/2, which puts her at March 1st - April 4 for an Ari-sire, and then April 5-26 for a Richie sire.
Madeline had a quick fling with Richie on November 1st, then moved in with him on the 6th, which gives her a window of March 31 - April 26.
Anna was last into the shag shack, so her window is April 5-26 for a Richie-sire kidding.

Tags: angoras, breeding, goats, kidding

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