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Books: A Study in Sable, by Mercedes Lackey

A Study in Sable, by Mercedes Lackey. Fantasy. Hardback, 313 pages. Book eleven (twelve) of the Elemental Masters series. Giveawaybox.

A shadowy figure is summoning ghosts to haunt an opera singer. Sarah is hired to get rid of them, but in working to do so, starts uncharacteristicly cutting Nan out of her life. In the meantime, Nan is asked to track down a blood altar and its priest. Oh, and there is a capturing and dispensing of an old angry haunt at the beginning of the book so that the characters have an excuse to like each other.

This story had excellent adjectives, decently structured scenes, and the shallowest plot(s) yet. It's not enough for Lackey to create an alternate London with interesting and odd characters. She has to steal Holmes and Watson as character crutches upon which to allow these disjointed adventures to limp along.

I'm really not sure why I keep reading this series expecting anything to improve. I usually enjoy the characters Sarah and Nan. But I am getting tired of the unnecessary skulking of secondary characters and the emotion-laden whining of almost all of the primary ones. I think I may have to go back to the sadly disowned Fire Rose or the better-crafted Serpent's Shadow and remind myself what this series had back in its initial volumes.

If I can find her before I lose the book, I'll give it to BlushingGrace so that she can keep up with the series. Otherwise, it's headed for the giveaway box.

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