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Books: Grave, by Michelle Sagara

Grave, by Michelle Sagara. Urban fantasy. Hardback, 450 pages. Book three-and-final in The Queen of the Dead series. Keeping it.

Oh my heart. If you read Silence and loved it, read Grave. It doesn't matter if you read Touch or didn't. Sagara explains everything in this book, and what she doesn't explain doesn't matter. Yes, I'm channeling Emma when I say that. This is the story about the lantern, the Queen of the Dead, why Chase and Eric are who and what they are. This story is less about Michael and Amy and Allison and Petal, but they are all there too to make Emma whole. The story is also about what Emma is, and isn't, and how the choices she makes and the judgments she refuses to make affect everyone - alive and dead.

... her seventeen-year-old self had had time and distance. She had had her mother, her friends, school life, and her dog. Life's friction had dulled the edges of that pain until it no longer cut her anytime she returned to it. She could think of her dad now and remember the good things. The funny parts. The comforting bits. She could even remember the anger she sometimes felt.

I adore this quote for the phrase "life's friction." I'm going to remember that one and probably use it at some point. And to that end, I'm sure you know the drill by now with this series, but just in case: I cried. I cried more than once. I had a good and happy sniffle when Nathan demonstrates love born of understanding. So be warned and bring tissues.

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