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Fighting formation, llama style

I forgot to mention - Hercules and Jessie's team were in fighting formation when I walked out there yesterday. Anna, Fiona, and Lily were in that pasture at the time, so the flying wedge had a full cadre of adults in it. Usually a goat fighting wedge will have the most dominant goat at the front point with the ranks fanning out behind her and the youngsters directly inside the wedge. So it would look like 3,2,1,2,3. However, with the llama version of the fighting formation, the center is so strong that the points take the next strongest animals, so the ranking actually looks like 1,2,3,llama,3,2,1.

At the point/center was, of course, Hercules. He was not standing straight on, but was turned mostly sideways and looking as big as he could get. Directly behind him and nearly under him were the yearlings Tia, Mouse, and Tuma. Soma, too tiny but too big, was hovering somewhere off of his right rear behind the line. To Herc's left, fanning from center to edge, were Elsa (kinda behind his shoulder and possibly ranked as a defensible yearling for this), Emma, and Lily. To his right were Jessie (kinda behind his rear), Fiona, and Anna. Or, if you looked across the front line, it was 2,4,5,llama butt, llama head,6,3,1. Yes, little Lily is the ranking goat in this pasture.*

As I've said before, the fighting formation is the easiest way for me to see the current political/pecking order for the goats and their current alliances. So what I've confirmed is that Lily outranks Emma and Anna still outranks Fiona. Anna still outweighs Fiona, so I'm not really surprised that Fiona can't move up yet. I've also confirmed that Lily is teaming up with her cousins while Fiona is kinda joined up with the Jessie mafia.

*When Lily, Anna, and Fiona are in the other pasture on Dahlia's team, they are the bottom ranks. (Anna teams up with her brother Lerris and moves up above Lily.) Hence the swapping back and forth from one to the other pasture depending on how much those three are getting beat up. I don't like them being beaten by Dahlia and Pan, but I also don't like them doing the beating on Elsa in particular.
Tags: angoras, goats, llamas

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