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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Goat baby names 
21st-Feb-2017 12:46 pm
It's a slow day today, and so I'm thinking about gardening and upcoming baby goats. Dahlia is definitely pregnant, and is due the first full week of March or thereabouts.

Dahlia started out with Jared - Ria, Orchid, Trillian and Astor (twins), and Angelina. With Cookie, she had Henry and Maurice (twins). Then I moved her to Ari and she had Diego, and twins Padric and Clancy. This year is another year with Ari.

Dahlia's name comes from the comic character out of Something Positive because I bought her from the MacIntyres. Ari's name comes from The Price of the Stars as the big, solid older brother. The kids' names have come from everywhere including comic strips, the Stainless Steel Rat series, and the Clancy Brothers musicians.

On the top of my head, I'm considering Kiron (Joust) for a boy and Hix (Shadows) for a girl.
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