a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

A cold weekend for flowers. Happy chickens. Trellises are sort-of.

We've had absurdly warm weather for the past few weeks, so lows in the 20s this weekend were not what my garden wanted. The camellia flowers are browning. The apricot blossoms are shriveling. I dumped mulch on both of the artichokes that are out in the raised beds in the hopes that they will survive, but I won't know for about a week. If they don't make it, hope is not lost. Three of the four pots in the Great Room are sprouting artichoke leaves. (The fourth has not sprouted and the dirt is molding. I think it was too wet.)

The only nice part about the persistent low temperatures at night is that the weather killed off a lot of early bugs and mosquitoes. We haven't had much rain, so there aren't many puddles big enough to avoid the hard freeze. We are supposed to get rain on Tuesday, which is welcome. Things are getting pretty dry around here.

My theory of insufficient solar power was likely correct, as my second chicken started laying her big tan eggs on Thursday. The cold isn't slowing the chickens down, either. I've gotten five eggs in three days.

We hired a guy to build real trellises for the grapes and the kiwis. He... built things. We aren't really impressed, and Achaosofkittens is going to have to redo most of the kiwi trellis to make it sturdy enough to support hundreds of pounds of vines. Sigh. But at least the guy dug the post holes. Now it's just hard work, not back-breaking work, to get the trellises into some kind of shape.
Tags: chickens, garden

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