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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: Magic for Nothing, by Seanan McGuire 
7th-Mar-2017 12:57 pm
Magic for Nothing, by Seanan McGuire. Urban Fantasy. Paperback, 350 pages. Book 6 in the Incryptid series. Keeping it.

We picked up the tale just after Chaos Choreography, but now from little sister Antimony's point of view. The not-so-little derby girl has always resented her older sister for being selfish and taking risks and, now, putting the entire continent of North America back in the crosshairs of The Covenant of St. George. And the worst thing is, Antimony is the one who doesn't look like anyone else, and therefore is the only choice for being a spy back into the ranks.

The story has basically two parts: building the lie to get Antimony into The Covenant, and untangling the lies that spawned from the first set before they kill her from all sides. The middle part was a 30-second, 80's music montage of "training" at the Covenant.

Antimony is sent into a carnival in Wisconsin (as a carnie, not a townie) to find out about the cryptids causing disappearances. There are trampoline acts with knives, and trapezes, and giant accidental spiders. I'm not going to give you more plot than that. Go read it.

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