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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Alys kidded a baby boy 
14th-Mar-2017 11:35 am
Alys came back over here from her new home to spend quality time in the shag shack last fall. She was in the field with Ari at the same time as Dahlia, so as soon as Dahlia went off, I told Mary that Alys was due this week. And here we go. They have a beautiful colored boy!

Alys baby (Ari is dad) at Mary's farm
14th-Mar-2017 07:26 pm (UTC)
In addition to them being so cute, I find the difference in colors fascinating. I can understand why raising goats is appealing.
14th-Mar-2017 07:37 pm (UTC)
I love the colors and patterns. And I love that Ari has done so well in reproducing the mother's colors to the point that I'm almost willing to put money down. The only thing that he can't guarantee to me is the reverse badger black-and-white stripes, because that is the same exact color pool as plain black. But generally, he's given me the repeat of the mom. Want red? use Ginger, Alys, or Taffy. Want black? Dahlia's your gal. White? Emma is right there.

So Ari has really done poorly on the girl-to-boy ratio since he started standing stud, but he's been stellar on color. You can almost tell the mom by the kid.

Viola (red) - Ginger, Diego (reverse badger)
Corene (red) & Ivan (red) - Alys, Simon (red) - Ginger
Tia (white), Reese (red) - Taffy, Padric (black) & Clancy (reverse badger)
Hix (reverse badger) & Casimir (probably reverse badger), Alys's baby (red)

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