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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
wildlife and farm life update; Ivan-goat is a daddy of twin girls 
29th-Mar-2017 10:23 am
The goldfish survived the winter. I spotted both of them swimming in the pond this morning. Also, something went "blorp" so the frogs might already be back. There was a frog (toad?) on the path last night, too. Yay frogs! On the drive home last night, I saw two foxes and two rabbits, though thankfully not in the same places.

Henson's Menagerie checked in this morning. They bought Ivan (Alys x Ari) last fall at NYS&W to replace a sudden loss of their red stud. As of this morning, Ivan is now a successful first-time father. He sired twin dark red girls that were born this morning. Also in a separate photo, Ivan looks great. Stud life in Connecticut apparently agrees with him.
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