a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

rainy Friday on the farm, waiting on Madeline's kids

We are expecting two inches of rain today. We need it, and Friday is a good day to get rain, since I have to be at work anyway. It's already raining buckets right now and my last doe - Madeline - is due to kid Very Soon Now(tm). Since I'm at work, I stuck her in the kidding pen already to make sure that she doesn't kid somewhere out in the pasture or, like Dahlia, kid in the doorway to the barn and then drive everyone out of the barn into the rain.

This is Madeline's first time as a mom, so she's bellowing randomly (calling her kids already), picking fights through the fence, and is totally confused about why I have her penned up inside the barn - in the "wrong" side of the barn - in the first place. She was a bottle baby (remember "Good Baby" and "Bad Baby?") so the fact that everything is wrong now is making her cranky and whiny. At least she's not scared.

And a reminder to self: pre-doing morning chores like filling water and checking on hay the night before makes the morning go far more smoothly and leaves more time for baby goat snorgling.
Tags: angoras, goats, kidding

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