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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Boy goats frolicking 
13th-Apr-2017 08:43 am
The view from the bathroom window this morning included a silly swirl of Diego and Simon. They were running in circles around each other, wagging their tails and head-faking with more excitement than skill.

Then Richie tried to join the fun. Rather like back when Sancho tried to play with Jared and Loki together, the twosome didn't open up to a threesome very well. Richie and Diego ended up head-butting while Simon danced off up the field in his own happy spring celebration.

And over in Jessie's field, Blair-baby had a case of goat crazies that was amazingly cute and very circular. His dance involved two cinder blocks, a dry pile of goat muck, his mother, and Herc-a-llama.

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