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Nothing says "thinking of you!" like a quart of ladybugs

The weekend was full and busy, and we still managed to get at least some gardening done. Achaosofkittens planted the herbs and some carrots in his new VegTrug (tm), so all that is pending for that bed is a pepper plant or three. He also put carrots inboard of the onions in the artichoke bed, so that bed is done, all but for mulching. And one of the artichoke plants has a wee little artichoke flower already. So cute! So hopeful! While he did the fun stuff, I hauled barrow after barrow of fill for the new raised bed. And there is a LOT still to fill.

I've done nothing about the half-containers of bulbs (glads, freesia, liatris, and a box of phlox starts) still sitting in the dining room and the mud room. It's getting on towards wishful thinking time if I don't get them in this week or next. And I am vastly tardy in getting grass seed out onto the pastures, too. I may just wait until summer rains and use the seed for patching only.

Thankfully, the garden is definitely springing forth regardless of timing and weather. My tardy potato planting did not fail completely (yet): I have tiny little potato plants poking up out of four of the six pots. I have no idea if I will get any good potatoes this late into the spring, but hey, at least the plants are making an effort to show. And the onions and a few pea sprouts are showing as well.

As far as perennials go, the daffodils in the octagon did their random daffy thing; the last two groups are just finishing now. Next to them, the bleeding heart are doing great and making us proud. One little hollyhock has made an appearance so far (reseeded from forever ago) and some random aster are popping up. The iris have nearly completed their takeover of their side of the bed, so I expect a good showing from them. Over in the triangle bed, the mini-daffs were fabulous, the white daffs were green but barely bloomed (so probably need dividing) and the columbine are coming up in four places, as anticipated.

I took some samples of problems to Merrifield Garden experts on Sunday. One answer was, kid you not, "plant bug." The solution was to spray the lemon tree with insecticidal soap. The other problem was mildew on overwintered pepper plants, and the solution was to move the plants back outside into the sun for a good, natural wash-n-dry. And while I was there, I decided to buy a quart container of ladybugs for Achaosofkittens (and me, and the garden). 'Cause nothing says LOVE YOU! like a big transparent carton of bugs!

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