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Presenting the 2017 vegetable garden

As of yesterday, the entire vegetable garden has been planted for round one. (Round two won't be until the onions are pulled up and their places are taken by bush beans.)

The post is behind cut tags because of illustrating photos.

The farthest southwest bed is full of peas and onions. It was actually planted a while ago, and yay the peas are up and growing.
I planted the peas a bit late.

The next bed to the east from there is full of artichokes and onions, with an attempt at carrots in the center line. These two artichokes were planted outside immediately, back when the rootstock arrived in February. Despite the snow and cold snaps, the artichokes decided that they like us.
The February-planted artichokes and onions

This is not the first artichoke blossom, but this is the first one that is going to make it to the plate.

We have a new, higher, raised bed in the southeast corner of the garden. It has a built-in compost center and is shaped like a "U" so that's its name. We planted two of the artichokes that have been in pots in the Great Room on the ends, and then put five tomatoes around the bend with two basil plants for company. In order from left clockwise to right are: Early Girl, Black Cherry, San Marzano Roma, Black from Tula, and Big Boy. That is also the order of the written days-to-maturity on the tags. The basil on the east is "True Thai" and the one on the west is "Sweet."
Two artichokes, five tomatoes, two basil, marigolds

The raised bed that we have not managed to replace yet is now known as "The Wrecked Bed" for its obviously failing wood. Since the dirt is still good even if the edges are crumbling, we put in the plants that will care the least: squash and melons. In the center of the bed, the east side is a zucchini and the west side is a yellow crookneck. The edge plants are either marigolds, or one each of sage, oregano, and another basil. I poured watermelon seeds into four holes along the south side so that the plants can grow into the empty space between the U bed and the new artichoke bed.
Zucchini and yellow crookneck squash with herbs

The stone bed (so pretty!) is back to peppers from last year's beans-and-corn experiment. From east to west are: habanero, jalapeno, Thai insanity, and "crushed pepper." At the very west end are two cucumbers. The one to the north is Diva and the one to the south is Pe... crud, I forgot. I'll check again tonight.
Eight peppers (habanero, jalapeño, Thai, "crushed red") and two cucumbers

I put the potato bags in the northeast corner of the garden. The potatoes kind of got away from me - I need to fill up the bags the rest of the way with dirt if I want more potatoes. The plants themselves are quite happy, though.
The potatoes are going great

And its worth acknowledging the bed that we surrendered to the wild blackberries. The blackberries are very happy in their protected, sunny home and do their best to show it to us.

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