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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Hugos: Paper Girls graphic novel vol 1 
19th-May-2017 01:22 pm
Pink and blue and weird all over.

I'm not a visual learner, and I am more distracted than informed by images much of the time. For this reason, I read a lot of comics but not a lot of graphic novels. So a simple art style with distinct features and forms is a good way to go for me. As such, the drawing in Paper Girls gets a strong nod of approval for its "readability" by me.

The story is obviously just getting started. We've established our core characters, the three sides to the plot/argument, and a couple of initial questions/quests. The main characters are female Goonies, but the trope doesn't completely flip because the All Knowing Elder is still male as are most of the random encounters with representatives of both of the other two sides. So while it passes the Bechtel test, it still feels at lot like t'ween girls vs. frat boys.

I give this volume a distinct "meh."

Also, as a sneak peek at Saga Vol 6 - The "foreign" language on the first few pages is Esperanto. *geeky little swoon*

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