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Hugos: Saga, Vol 6

Pretty good. There are some odd choices in characterization, but that might just be because I'm dropping in well after the plot was established. And my little geeky heart adores that Esperanto is used as the "foreign" language in the story.

The narrative voice is an older incarnation of the four-year-old Hazel around whom the plot revolves. The commentary is a mostly-thoughtful juxtaposition of philosophy against the various conflicts this story is following. As far as I can figure out, Hazel's parents are on different sides of a galactic war. There are intergalactic tabloid writers on the hunt for an exiled prince whose guardian knows how to break Hazel out of prison camp, as requested by Hazel's parents. And there are a bunch of other characters and happenings that appear to be intertwined but aren't central to this volume.

I don't mind being dropped into the middle of a story when the characters are complicated but not opaque and the graphics make it easy to remember who is who and where is where even when I can't keep up with the names. And I appreciate that scent is important to at least one race in the story.

"... anyone who thinks one book has all the answers hasn't read enough books."

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