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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Hugos: Monstress Vol 1 
22nd-May-2017 12:47 pm
I admit that I'm not well-read in graphic novels, but I've touched a decent portion of Neil Gaiman's work, so I know how a good graphic novel can look. (Monstress is not a Gaiman work.) This story read and appeared like something out of Books of Magic but the story was much easier to follow. It was Gaiman-esque - or perhaps troperific - in the over-the-top sadism, the spraying gore, the circles of betrayal, and even the smart-ass cat.

Since we all know there are no new stories, the craft is in the telling. And this one was decently built. I like the origin stories of the various sentients. I am glad the names are distinct because I had some trouble telling Sophia and Maika apart at the beginning before I caught the rhythm of the when vs. the where as the story moved around. I like the choices in secondary characters, including a hulking big warrior woman and the pacifist farmer woman.

And really - I want their costume and special effects departments on my team. Gravity is only in effect when it's flattering.

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