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Hugos: Best Fan Artist

Ok, yeah, I don't know where to start with this one, so I'm just going to muddle through and see where I come out.

I saw Ambyr's post about the artists last week, and because it included a bit of a rant about "fan" vs. "professional," I looked at the rules again. I still think this is murky at best, because it depends more on the location of the published/displayed work rather than the status of the worker.

Some Hugo categories (Best Professional Artist, Best Fan Artist, Best Semiprozine, and Best Fanzine) are defined by whether the work done was professional, semi-professional, or fannish. The definition of what is a “professional” publication is somewhat technical. A professional publication either (1) provided at least a quarter the income of any one person or, (2) was owned or published by any entity which provided at least a quarter the income of any of its staff and/or owner.

Note that this distinction about “professional” applies only to the difference between Best Professional Artist and Best Fan Artist and to the definition of a Semiprozine and Fanzine.

From the WSFS Constitution:
3.3.16: Best Fan Artist. An artist or cartoonist whose work has appeared through publication in semiprozines or fanzines or through other public, non-professional display (including at a convention or conventions)during the previous calendar year.

Ok, if that's true, then why are some of the fan artists' portfolio works off of/out of professional novels and magazines?

... never mind, someone else qualified them for the ballot. I'm just gonna go look at pictures now...

Aalto - I didn't see a particular style in this collection of works. The two comics were fun, though.

Leggett - This artist is obviously a professional. And yes, I think the work is both good in general and appealing to me in particular.

Lehtimäki - Posed realism has to be incredibly good and/or have some specific nuance to the theme to hook me in. I'm glad this artist was having fun, but it didn't really speak to me.

Likhain - This is another professional artist, this time in a style that doesn't particularly call to me. I like the color in Together We Create A World.

Schoenhuth - I like Mrs. Nemo's Amulet.

Stiles - Some of this looked like a sci-fi person was trying to be the next Gary Larson. Not sure. Definitely unpolished presentation, and more appealing than attractive.

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