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Goat update: Alys and Pansy are back

Alys and Pansy were returned to me on Saturday morning, each with a kid in tow. Alys has a gorgeous big redheaded buckling named Sweet William. He's people-shy, but is basically happy-go-lucky in the pasture. Freaky Pansy's freaky little girl is named Poppy, and she is in charge over William.

I set the returning goats up in the shag-shack field to get a breather and reacquaint themselves with the farm while I got ready to send the big girls to summer camp. On Sunday, Achaosofkittens and LizKayl helped me load up Anna, Lerris, Lily, Fiona, Elsa, and Emma for the trip east. The theme for this year's Suburban Jungle Camp is "poison ivy." As in "please oh please eat all of this horrible plant!" When it comes time to wean the bucklings, I'm going to do a mean-wean and just send Alys and Dahlia off to camp, too.

After the campers went off on Sunday, I integrated the returning moms and their kids back into the rest of the herd with a big Goatapalloza. Hercules ran around whining his hellos and trying to sniff the new kids. The new kids celebrated their new life by running up and down the fallen tree. And Blair-baby got the worse end of a Poppy-smacking.

While small, Pansy is massively aggressive now, which made the greetings a little amusing to me. Taffy tried to beat down Alys, but kept getting rammed by Pansy. Ah, the joys of goat politics. If nothing gets in her way, Pansy is going to teach Poppy all about short-goat aggressiveness.

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