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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
goat thoughts on dewormers 
5th-Jul-2017 10:18 am
Yesterday was a very mixed day. I started with a couple of hours of goat chores and general barn time. One of the things I did was re-deworm everyone, despite the fact that I just did it last week. I have reasons, though:

The recent issues with Mouse and her status as a dead goat walking due to massive anemia has me reconsidering my medication protocol. There is a recent study out that claims to disprove general wisdom of using a single dewormer until it is ineffective. Combination Dewormers: The Time is Now. I usually use Valbazen except for in the fall when I have pregnant goats. I may consider doing both all year round, now.

Additionally, I've been told (yet again) that I'm seriously under-dosing my goats when I do deworm. This Dewormer Chart for Goats is three years old now, and lists dosages that are more than double what I've been giving my goats. For example, oral dosing of Valbazen is 8mL for a 100lb* goat.

It's useful to note that there is conflicting information on whether to use the FAMACHA method or not. Some papers say that it is still a good idea, because it takes longer to build up a resistant parasite population when the parasites are allowed to breed to a particular level (pro-FAMACHA). Other papers say that it is not worth the risk to herd health and that killing off as many parasites as possible will keep them from spreading so quickly and breeding into resistance.

*Is it only me who finds the combination of metric and English units amusing?

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