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Goat preparations

Despite all my manipulations of Murphy's laws, we did not get kids this weekend. I de-wormed everyone (goats and sheep) on Saturday. Of course since I didn't have anywhere I had to be, and CK was around to help, things went totally smoothly and took maybe half an hour. Edit: Oh, wait, I posted that already on Saturday. Oops.

Edit: When feeding everyone on Sunday, I was out there during Rumination Time. Not only did I get less attention in general, I didn't get any attention from the normally beggy Summer. She was quite content to do her sphinxing on a piece of plywood in the sun, and did not even stand up until I went to her with food.

Maybe Crystal is going to be the first one to kid. Total TMI here... with edits

Crystal's udder is huge, and she is huge all around. Yesterday I thought I saw some discharge, and this morning I'm sure I did. She has just a bit of stringy mucus-looking discharge coming out. Her tail has been permanently stuck to her back for over a week now, but she wasn't dialated this morning. She has gotten very skittish of late, and won't let me check for tail ligament looseness (a sure sign kidding is immediate). I only get to sneak up behind her while she's eating and shine light on her.

Her udder has been large for a while, but this weekend is when I noticed that she had "bagged up" as the term goes in the goat-groups. She is also getting rather aggressive about food. No one else gets to eat from the four-foot-long trough until she's full and bored enough to give up protecting it.
Tags: angoras, breeding

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