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Goat Babies are here!

The good news is that Crystal twinned without assistance yesterday afternoon. She had a grey girl and a white boy.

For anyone not in the area, the weather is relevant. We started out yesterday with a high in the 60's. Crystal gave birth in that nice balmy weather. The front came through overnight, and the pouring rain began around 3AM. At this point it is about 32 degrees 25 degrees and howling snow.

Edit: I unscreened my guesses to show everyone that I totally lost on the dates part of my Baby Goat Pool, but I'm still in the running for colors and sexes.

The girl kid:

The boy kid:

The bad news is that the little boy kid was born with a weak neck. All other systems seem to be fine, though. Crystal cleaned him up and bonded with him. He can stand, walk, wag his tail... He just can't pick up his head. The problem with that is, without picking up his head, he can't nurse. So we have been working with him every 2-3 hours to set him up on his mom's teats. He's sucking the milk down fine. Yes, at this point I've had about four hours of sleep total.

Dr. Vandry came out this morning and checked the baby out. He says that there is nothing else wrong with the kid. We are doing the right thing, setting him up to nurse on his mom, and the doctor is pretty confident that the neck problem may fix itself, hopefully in a few days.

So I'm home today to take care of the new arrivals. More news and better pictures will hopefully come soon, along with better weather.
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