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Goat baby update: Goldie's kid has a knee issue

No, I lamed out and did not transfer the pictures over. Bad me.

Goldie's little boy has a problem with his back right leg - it is turned about 90 degrees out. Dr. Massey is stopping by this afternoon to look at it. Joan-From-Rosehill-Vet says this is pretty common, and is usually fixed quickly by splinting. Dr. Massey is supposed to call me when he's done to let me know the prognosis.

Edit: Dr. Massey visited this morning. He said that the kid is suffering from laxity of the right "stifle" (knee joint) and it should correct itself in 10-14 days. We are supposed to confine him (keep him from too much jumping around) for 12 hours a day. Because he's nursing and I can't stay home to babysit, this is going to make for one fat and frustrated mama goat.
Tags: angoras, kids, vet_visits

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