a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

I will eat your skull! Well, no, just lick it.

This morning was a tad more exciting that I prefer.

One of the daily rituals at the zoo farm is for the dogs to run up and down the fenceline barking and lunging at the goats while I feed everyone. The dogs really really really want to eat goat-head. Just a little taste, please? (Sometimes one of the dogs will get lucky and grab a mouthful of angora-hair, which is amusing and alarming at the same time.) The goats come up to the fence to tell me to hurry up with the grain, and the dogs try to stuff their noses through the fence to eat goat, and it goes on. And I do my best to keep the goats in the goat yard and the dogs out of it. Every morning.

This morning, I put down one of the grain buckets to open the gate to the goat yard, and Loki got out past me. He ran right into Joy. Well, under her, really. He blew off the dogs to bury his head in the grain bucket. At that point, his neck was under Joy's (picture them crossed at a 90-degree angle). Joy excitedly -- and with much body-wagging -- sniffed Loki's head all over. Loki continued to chow down. Joy then looked up at me with this most bewildered expression. I could hear her saying "But he's not running away! This isn't fun at all. Mooooooom, do something."

I, of course, was attempting to get between them and haul Loki back into the goat yard before 1) Joy licked/bit him and hurt herself or him or 2) Joy ran past him/me into the goat yard or 3) the rest of the goats came out (not likely).

I ended up grabbing Loki around the neck and chest (split bear hug) and heaving him into the yard while simultaneously kneeing Joy in the chest to get her to back up enough for me to not hit her with the now airborne Loki.

Who needs caffeine in the morning?

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