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Exciting life I lead: deworming and vet bills

Yes, it's another exiting journal entry, in which I record that I have dewormed everyone in the back/side yards. Loki is teetering on the edge between cute and obnoxious in the amount of attention he wants.

I learned how to keep the sheep from panicking when I start working on them -- I closed all four sheep and myself into a very small fenced area (about 4'x4') and let the sheep fight over one grain bucket. While they were tussling over whose head got to be in the bucket, I would grab a sheep, stuff dewormer in its mouth, and let it go back to the food fight. So basically, none of the sheep knew I was deworming anyone else. Sheep are stupid.

The bill came in for the two emergency day calls from the vet. The emergency visits were each $70. The first visit included a selinium shot for Toby, which was about $6. Compared with regular small animal vet bills, I'm not unhappy at all.

My upgrade for my MDI Goat Manager software came yesterday. The upgrade uninstall/reinstall fixed the problem with saving and transferring kid records. My Biology of the Goat CD also came, but I haven't had time to really play with it yet.

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