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shearing Summer by myself

It was an interesting day. Summer-goat desperately needed a haircut. Today was gorgeous, and I ended up not having to go in to work. So.
Edit: these are hand shears. http://www.sheepman.com/detail.htm?id=1001

I set up my shearing stand that achaosofkittens gave me forever ago. I bribed and heaved Summer up onto it.

I then made a number of mistakes and enjoyed a number of ::cough:: learning experiences regarding how to shear a goat.

I tried with hair scissors, regular scissors, the cross-cut shears... My final decision was to use my precious, heavy, *sharp* fabric shears. They worked very well. I basically cut hair lock by hair lock across Summer's face and neck. Then I alternated snipping the locks/curls with gliding the scissors underneath a bit of hair and cutting across. Summer wasn't a really happy camper with all of this, though I did take the time to feed her bits of sweet feed at intervals to keep her from being totally wiggy at me.

Note, though, that cutting a goat's fleece off of her body with scissors takes a while. A long while. Summer lost patience with me finally and started non-stop wiggling and dancing around. I accidently stabbed her in the leg with the scissors, and really that was it. We agreed we were done. At that point, I had clipped everything but her hind end and the right back leg. I'm pretty pleased with that.

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