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More goat pictures

There are some new goat photos in my gallery now. Or you can look at them behind this cut.

Edit: We also dewormed everyone on Saturday night. This is, of course, a good thing. Even though they are still only a month old, the little black babies got dewormed too. I don't want to ever have another loss from lack of de-wormer.

Here are Nylan and Dru at one month old. Interesting enough, Nylan has grown out of the white spot on his forehead, but Dru has not. I don't know what to make of that besides a shrug and a "genetics are weird."

Mica is three months old now, and she's a bruiser!

Mica's brother, Toby, is none too small himself!

Theo is almost three months old too, and there is almost no size difference between him and Toby.

Loki is a year old now. And he's still such a cute little boy! Theo is his half-brother, but I can't see a resemblance yet.

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