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Book Review: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants today, and I'm kind of sorry. It might have been interesting when I was a teenager, but the now-me found it rather choppy and trivial. The coming-of-age theme is great, as is the idea of The Pants having their own kind of magic. But the issues of love, family, death were so chopped up and interspersed that I had trouble investing myself in any of the characters.

I admit that the theme of truthfulness-to-self was as interesting as it was irritating. The so-perfect-but-not Lena and Bridget compared badly to the trying-to-cope-but-can't Tibby and Carmen. As soon as Bailey was introduced, I started comparing the story (unfavorably) with A Time to Dance. I thought ATtD was a painfully real story, with sympathetic characters and an easy style to read. The Sisterhood was painfully real in some of the scenes, but unreal in how the characters (except Bridget) had to face An Event and reconcile to it. Nope, sorry, I can't see Lydia allowing her picture-perfect wedding with her picture-perfect family get interrupted by ... well, basically, forgiveness doesn't look real when the characters doing it are barely penciled in and have no depth from which to bring it.

I can rest content with the knowledge that I now have absolutely no interest in seeing the movie or reading the sequel. Yes, comments are open. Let the beating begin.
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