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sheep butting - the low-cost cosmetic surgery

We caught and trimmed all the boys' feet today. We also "bellied" (as opposed to "crotched") the two angora boys and the boy sheep. This should help prevent incidents of fly-strike and other really gross maladies. Loki had the more gross belly area, but it was far easier to trim up than Jared's. I don't know how much of it is age and how much is hair type, but Jared's heavy hair is very matted and oily, while Loki's hair is still very fine locks.

Jared's hair is heavy enough that I'm considering trying to shear him early. However, if I do that, then I'm setting myself up for shearing him three times a year. So I settled for now for trimming his entire tummy-flat from his breastbone back to the base of his balls. That should keep him cooler and cleaner at least for a little while. And everyone should be sheared in August.

The shearing stand that CK gave me for my birthday has really been handy for doing feet. It gets the animals up higher and even allows CK to sit down while trimming if he prefers. The stand also means that we are not fighting directly with the animals to get them to hold still. Loki really doesn't like it because he can't see us. But amusingly enough, our animals are docile enough that we had to push Curley away to do Loki's feet, and vice versa. CK even had a lucky grab and got Sancho without a chase-n-corner operation.

Unfortunately, when we cornered Jake, he decided the best means of escape was to leap with all of his might straight at my face. The bridge of his nose connected with the bridge of mine. Note that sheep noses are flat where they join the forehead, whereas humans have a bend. He did a good job of trying to flatten my face to match his, and his aim was so good that I may escape from this escapade without black eyes. The blow didn't concuss me, and though my nose hurts, my face does not. No black eyes, no throbbing pain wrapping around my face... I'm guessing that my nose is not broken. (Yes, I know what a broken nose feels like. Why do you think my nose is constantly signalling for a right turn?) I came back inside, cooled off, and collapsed in bed for a solid four hours of sleep.

I have to mention that I did manage to grab Jake and hang onto him until CK could come get him from me. I couldn't see anything, but I had a grip on Jake's chest wool and his left leg in my hands, so he wasn't going anywhere.

The bummer now is that my glasses hurt my face, but I don't dare work on the computer without them. I have enough of a headache right now anyway. The good part is that I didn't have any type of glasses on when I got ... sheeped. Boot to the head? No! Sheep to the face!

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