a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goat rearrangement and de-worming

We got home last night to discover that the girls had moved one of the moveable fence panels themselves. They had also, therefore, rearranged themselves to their liking. Hrm. I put the fence back this morning and put rocks around the base of the corner that they moved. I expect the rock fix will last until something horrible happens and I finally get off my duff and secure that section correctly. I also managed to get everyone re-divided to their proper sides. Yay.

The reason I could get the girls re-divided is that I've finally figured out two things: routine, and pecking order. The grand pecking order is Crystal, Sashimi, Goldie, Jessie, Aerin, Summer. By putting Crystal on one side, Sashimi on the other, Goldie with Crystal, Jessie with Sashimi, etc. I managed to divide up the pecking order to most of the goats' satisfaction. I did this division back when everyone first kidded. Now, three months later, everyone is used to this division of goats, so not only are they satisfied with it, they are easier to split up when they are all collected together.

I also de-wormed the boys this morning. Loki was looking very pale last night. He's my fragile boy, so I like to take extra care that he isn't over stressed or unhappy. He's got so much hair on him right now! I need to take some pictures of him, then give him a bangs-cut so he can see. His field of vision towards the front is pretty bad right now, and puts him at quite a disadvantage with Curley and Sancho.

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