a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

State of the Goat = it's NAKED TIME

We got eleven goats sheared this morning. No one got hurt, and all the fleeces look good. No major lice problems or fleece break. I think I'm getting the hang of this finally!
We left the two black kids for February. I'll probably flip Nylan over this fall and shear his tummy to keep things cleaner, but he and Dru are going to have eight-month kid fleeces when they are sheared in February. I have no hope of keeping the fleeces clean, but the hair will be gorgeous!

Things of note from this shearing incident include:

1. Aerin is a biter. I've never seen a goat actually bite (nip) at someone to get the person to let go. The shearer says that this is not unheard of, though not common.

2. Aerin has a yeast infection in her hair. It's got a very low chance of transmittal to other goats, but definitely should be taken care of soon.

3. Jared is much easier to shear in the summertime. He has a lot of grease in his fleece, but in the summertime that grease is basically a liquid. In the wintertime, the grease is cold and solid. It's rather like cutting through a candle in the winter.

4. The boys (Toby and Theo) both have lovely fleeces. Theo especially has dense coverage and nice lock structure. It's too bad his horns are so out of breed standard...

5. Mica is a loudmouth. Not a surprise.

6. The animals with the densest and longest hair production are: Jared (no surprise), Loki, Aerin (sort of surprise), and Theo (not a surprise with Loki as a half-brother and Jared as dad). Aerin's hair wasn't dense so much as incredibly long compared to the others' growth patterns.

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